K7UI Log Periodic Antenna

This photograph was taken on March 15, 2015.

It demonstrates lenticular cloud formations which develop in the wake of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range when conditions are right.

You can find more information about Dave, K7UI, and his massive log periodic antenna on his QRZ.com page.

IRLP Node on Peavine Peak

The node is alive and well with many modifications which make it more useful for users.  If you would like to have access, please contact me for details.

Peavine Peak Repeater Modifications

On March 22, 2014 I took a drive up to Peavine to change out the cabinet.  It was another beautiful day in Reno!

224.540 MHz Repeater Installation on Peavine Peak


This is a live view from my house towards Peavine Mountain, site of my 224.540 MHz repeater.