IRLP Node 7062

User Instructions for AE7I Node 7062

Basic Rules for IRLP Use

1. ALWAYS LISTEN FIRST on the repeater first to make sure a QSO is not in progress or the system is not linked to another IRLP Node or Reflector.


3. LEAVE A 2-3 SECOND PAUSE BETWEEN OVERS to allow the remote node to unkey and thus reset the timeouts on the remote repeaters, and to allow other users to call in. Even if you are talking to another local amateur, if an IRLP link is active, leave longer than normal pauses. If the node is connected to a reflector, this is especially important, since there can be upwards of 30 nodes connected at once.

If you would like to be a control operator on the system, please contact me for the access codes.


Craig, AE7I